Testimonials – What Clients Are Saying

Everything perfect!!! Amazing rapè!!!

Everything perfect!!! Amazing rapè!!! good delivery.
Thanks for the gifts!!! I'll never change from your website!!
Good vibes to all of u
Best regards


Umberto R – Italy

I have ordered from another company in the UK which you may know of, and they have great products but for me, there is a big difference between your rapé and theirs. I feel your products vibrate at a higher level. It's my go-to for deep connection. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

J Peery, South Africa

Wonderful! I will definitely order from you again

Thank you so much for the great products that you shipped over to Germany. It arrived fast (2 weeks) and I was very happy about the thoughtful packaging and the extra gift you included. I had wondered before, but there was no risk at all for me (I had thought about the Kambo). Wonderful! I will definitely order from you again, I was so happy with the whole process.

I had ordered other kinds of Rape from places in Europe and never liked them as much, so I was very happy to have Divine Union, Yawanawa and Apurina again for my ceremonies. All the best to you!

Lana B, Berlin – Germany

Shamanic Snuff is the most amiable company I have dealt with

The medicine? Precious. The extra steps I had to take to attain it? The least I could do for such a magical tool. Shamanic Snuff is the most amiable company I have dealt with. I am very pleased with the poignancy of their service. If there ever has been a, for human, corporation these people sure vibe that way... Thank you and best wishes to you and yours. Aim for the Spirit and your strike will be true...

Andrew F, Texas – USA

You are beautiful souls 🙂

Thank you very much you made me so happy. You are beautiful souls 🙂 I wish you everything good and a lot of beautiful days.

Daniel P, Miskolezy – Czech Republic

Your packaging was so professional

Received today, God bless yo'
thank you! take this opportunity to say your packaging was so professional, cool has! well done, look forward to dealing with you again when i return to Australia come September k!

MV, Essex – England

I'm so happy to see you accepting these revolutionary currencies

Hi Loves, abundance and blessings from Minnesota, land of the fresh water. Just a heads up that I sent you payment via ETH. I'm so happy to see you accepting these revolutionary currencies, and to have this opportunity to utilize that network for the good medicine.

Drewski, Minnesota – USA

Shamanic Snuff provides the absolute best and purest quality you will ever come across

As a facilitator of sacred ceremonial medicine, it is of the utmost importance to know for a fact that your medicine is top quality and comes straight from the source. The Shamanic Snuff Family has provided this planet with such a beautiful, and tremendously trust worthy service, offering only the highest grade and best quality medicine you will ever be able to find online.

Thanks to the amazing team at Shamanic Snuff, we have been able to transform many people's lives in a way they could not have previously imagined. Shamanic Snuff has allowed me to fulfill my duty as a facilitator of energy medicine and create a space for ultimate healing. Everyone around the world is seeking tools to heal suppressed energy and embody their highest and greatest selves.

I would never trust any other online source for this sacred medicine, as Shamanic Snuff provides the absolute best and purest quality you will ever come across. Each and every product I've received from Shamanic Snuff has surpassed my and my clients expectations, as their medicine is proven to come straight from the source. In a nutshell, if you are looking to heal yourself or facilitate healing for others, ShamanicSnuff.com should be your first and only choice. All the unconditional love, appreciation, abundance and alignment.

Davie C, California – USA

I use these wonderful products everyday…

I truly appreciate your work in gathering these sacred medicines… I say medicines as they truly help heal the spirit and cleanse body while in this experience. I use these wonderful products everyday… sometimes several times a day. Fantastic for meditation as it helps open the third eye. I also use it during my martial arts practice. Thank you so much for your service!

Much love!

Ken B, Utah – USA

really great company with their hearts (and brains) in the right place!

I ordered two different types of snuff from shamanicsnuff.com, and after having tried all 3 of them (they sent me one 'Ash' for free also) I can tell you I am super happy with this website's product and with this company's people. The two types of snuff; Tornado and Visionary was as described on the website, and I enjoy them very much!

The service was great and the people where helpful and kind, and when I had a payment issue (I messed up when i ordered and placed two of the same order) they fixed that by fast respond time on email.
I also got some handmade incense and that was no less than amazing. I can't stress how good these things are.. for real. And they care about the rain-forest, in a time when that is very much needed.

All in all a really great company with their hearts (and brains) in the right place!

And a great big t-shirt, that I liked so much that I will be sleeping in it (I'm a slim dude and its size 'L' but the T-shirt really IS nice )

The pipe I got was also of great quality and very well made, and it was a good fit for my mouth/nose.

I will for sure be coming back.

Benjamin C, Karise – Denmark

Thanks again for having such a beautiful heart

Thanks again for having such a beautiful heart and helping people with such great medicine.
Sending big hugs

Michael J, USA

I will say thank you so much

My english is not the best but I think you will understand my main message ;). I will say thank you so much .... you make a very good job and a holy work.

In my last order was free sample packages .... I order different types to try it out and find the correct one and you find or select two free samples from three incences they are correct working in time for myself. So I use it daily in my meditation practice in the front of my shrine and solve my negative energys and dizzy western europe character and more :). I am very happy about these free samples which are working so good. After two weeks of working with the medicine I ask a very important, old and high valuable oracle .... these feedback was very fantastic ... a very good development for my spiritual practice while using the medicine regulary in the future.

Thank you so much and I hope you have the chance to make a long time this good and holy work 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!

Warm regards and hugs from Germany

Jan, Germany

I already told you how I love your rapés (9 tested yet!)

Hi from France! I already told you how I love your rapés (9 tested yet!). Information about rapé in french is very scarce, so I wrote an article on my blog, adding a link to shamanicsnuff.com.

You can find my article there: http://www.un-chaman-en-auxois.fr/2017/03/esprit-du-tabac-l-utilisation-du-rape-dans-le-chamanisme.html
And, for french rapé users, why not connect to each other?

Chaman En Auxois, France

This is the Rolls-Royce of Rapés

The Yawanawá Rapé from Shamanic snuff is beautifully smooth with a strong deep, cleansing and balancing energy. This is the Rolls-Royce of Rapés.

Chris, Switzerland

The Quality is very high - Wonderful

Everything is fine. I got it yesterday after my holidays, but it was the last day I could get it 🙂

The Quality is very high - Wonderful 🙂


Ralf, Germany